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Price List


Price list learner driver section Standard Lesson Fee £22 (Pay as you go hourly fee) First Five Lessons £90 Save £20 fees to be paid in advance First Ten Lessons £190 Save £30 Then Block of Five lessons £100 Block of Ten Lessons £200 Trial lessons £10 Half price should you need it Pass plus £150 Max 6 hours (any additional lesson will be charged @ £25 p/h) Register with Driving Needs Today for Intensive Driving Courses in East London Intensive Courses* An assessment lesson of 1 hour @ £22 may be required to determine suitable option. Option I1 £220 10 hours course suitable for those wishing to re-take their practical test and to increase chances of passing. Option I2 £420 20 hours for intermediate drivers who have grips with maneuvers (i.e is able to demonstrate good level of vehicle control as well as good observation skill) Option I3 £600 30 hours for learners with little driving skill (i.e is able to demonstrate good steering control and is able to change gears without difficulty) Option I4 £760 40 hours for learners with no driving skills *please check for availability best to call at least 3 weeks prior to course commencement Refresher Courses An assessment lesson of 1 hour @ £22 required to determine correct option Option R1 £100 5 hours Option R2 £190 10 hours Option R3 £275 15 hours